Portable fluoroscopy


Portable X-ray fluoroscope


  1. Ideal tool for the surgeon, versatile and multifaceted, due to its weight and size, to be used in the surgical room, hospital wards, outdoors and in the Emergency Department. The repeatability of the exams during the interventions, the easy practicality of use, combined with the lightness of the instrument, which has unique characteristics in the world, allow the modern Operator to perform unimaginable until now. The fluoroscope plays an important role in the identification of fractures, in fusions, in the identification of foreign objects in the lower limbs, and particularly during the installation of intramedullary nails, as well as fixed supports
  2. Inspections dedicated to the neonatal sector, the navy and the army, in sports medicine
  3. The tool is used in scientific research, experiments and engineering
  4. Veterinary
  5. Inspections related to airport security, and post-inspection
  6. In detecting failure levels in the Industry


  1. Model with high power, excellent image resolution, optimal sensitivity
  2. Operative in any situation. It does not require a protected or dark environment
  3. Very low level of radiation, reliable with a simple structure for radiation protection, occupies a small space and has a light weight, about 6 Kg
  4. Possibility of connection to a computer or an external monitor

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